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ACanadianwoman who contracted the coronavirus in March has tested clear for the illness for an eighth time.

Tracy Schofield from Cambridge, Ontario, came down with COVID-19 symptoms including fever, chills and shortness of breath March 30 and tested clear for the primary time March 31, according to CTV Information. Since then, she has taken eight more exams, including one that inexplicably came back negative.

She is at advise preparing for her 10th take a look at.

For 2 weeks following her first take a look at, Schofield self-quarantined in her room at dwelling where her 17-year-passe son also lives. During that length, she claims her fever reached 104.1 levels Fahrenheit, and she also lost her sense of taste and scent.

Now, more than 50 days later, she told CTV she light suffers shortness of breath. “COVID-19 has taken a lot out of me, and it continues each day,” she said.


After producing a clear consequence seven instances, her eighth take a look at came back negative. “I cried because I was so happy,” Schofield said. Nonetheless according to World Health Organization guidelines, a patient have to take a look at negative twice consecutively earlier than they can be declared “recovered.” Unfortunately, a ninth take a look at found that the virus was light solid in her system.

Health officials have warned that these exams have been known to obtain false negatives and positives. Early anecdotal reviews suggested that some take a look at kits accurately detected COVID-19 solely 70 percent of the time, meaning about a third of patients would obtain a false negative.

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