A nurse from San Francisco is shining a mild on the severity ofCOVID-19with a shocking photo of the outcomes it had on his physique.

Last week, Mike Schultz shared aspect-by-aspect images of himself together with his over 40,000 Instagram followers of the dramatic 50-pound weight loss he experienced during an eight-week hospital stay as he was treated for the disease caused by the originalcoronavirus.

The 43-year-aged toldHealththat in the photo on the left, he’s about 190 kilos. He added that he exercised every day and had no underlying health prerequisites.

“I weighed myself the assorted day and I’m down to 140 kilos, and I probably weighed less than that when I first bought into rehabilitation,” he told the magazine. “I’ve by no means been this skinny ahead of in my lifestyles.”

Schultz explained toBuzzfeed Newsthe reason he determined to publish his now-viral photos. “I wanted to indicate it can happen to anyone. It doesn’t matter in case you’re younger or aged, have pre-existing prerequisites or no longer. It can affect you,” he said.

Schultz toldCNNthat he contracted the coronavirus in early March, “ahead of any of the restrictions were out” and seemingly bought it whereas attending Miami’s Winter Tune Festival. His DJ boyfriend, Josh Hebblethwaite,was working at the match.

“We knew it was out there,” Schultz told Buzzfeed, noting that no “lockdowns” had been ordered at this point. “We fair idea, ‘Successfully, we gotta wash our hands extra and be wary of touching our face.’”

TheMiami Heraldreported that 38 of us that attended the LGBTQ-pleasant track festival later bought in unhappy health, and three men died, 

On March 14, about a week after the festival, Schultz flew to Boston, where Hebblethwaite lives.

He told CNN that when he first arrived in Boston, he had a cough but “it wasn’t really a grand deal.” But on March 17, he found himself with a fever of 103 degrees and was having drawback breathing.

When Schultz arrived at the hospital, he was given a swab take a look at and chest X-rays. He examined distinct for the coronavirus and was also diagnosed with pneumonia and severe repertory misery syndrome, per CNN.

Soon after, he was intubated and placed on a ventilator to aid his breathing.

“That was the last time I saw my boyfriend,” Schultz told Health. “I texted him, ‘I’m scared.’ Soon after, I was sedated, and I don’t bear in mind great after that.”

He was on the ventilator for four-and-a-half weeks, according to CNN. He told Buzzfeed that during this time it was adore he was “in a coma.”

Schultz said that when he wakened from his ordeal, he believed handiest a week had passed. “I accrued had a tracheostomy [tube], I couldn’t talk, and my hands were so weak that my cellular phone felt adore it was 100 kilos,” he told Health.

He also noticed he had lost weight, but nothing may prepare him for what happened when he finally saw himself in the replicate. “I didn’t even view myself,” he told CNN. “I glowing great cried when I appeared in the replicate, I was adore ‘Oh my God.’”

Schultz is now slowly recovering.

“I’m doing breathing workout routines to get my lung capacity up, and masses of workout routines to stabilize my legs so I can finally walk with out doing a penguin plod,” he joked to Health.

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