Sahana Tantry, Psychologist & Outreach Associate, Mpower The Centre – Bengaluru explained the steps one should take after someone gets diagnosed with a mental health situation.

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Updated: May 23, 2020 10: 21 am

mental health,Health & FitnessTHIS is the 1st step if you or your closed one is suffering from a mental health situation

The mental health awareness week is being observed to create extra awareness of mental health and related considerations and to promote the message of suitable mental health for all. For the unversed, the theme of this year is kindness. As per, they selected kindness as theme because “one thing that they have considered all over the world is that kindness is prevailing in uncertain occasions.” During the awareness week, several occasions take place in faculties, businesses, neighborhood teams. Also, occasions are hosted to raise cash for the Mental Health Foundation. The primary Mental Health Awareness Week was started in 2001, and since then awareness on topics cherish physique image, stress and relationships has been raised.

As we scrutinize the week, we askedSahana Tantry, Psychologist & Outreach Associate, Mpower The Centre – Bengaluruto give us extra insight on what are the steps one should take after being diagnosed with a mental health situation and theme of the year. Speaking of the steps she said, “If one identifies that either themselves or others are suffering from a mental health situation, the 1st step to be taken can be – to be kind on oneself or to the opposite person. It is extraordinarily important to point to unconditional clear regard (showing total acceptance and enhance for someone no matter what he or she says) towards your self or towards any other person suffering from a mental sickness.” 

“Offering advice, being critical about them or being dismissive is NOT something one should develop for each themselves or others after we are in an overwhelmed state. It is extraordinarily important to talk about the yelp because voicing it out to a depended on individual will attend us feel cherish we are now not alone in this and furthermore, it sometimes also helps us gain some clarity about the situation. Once believe is developed by being there for the person, one should urge them to stare attend from a mental health professional so that they develop now not extra enter into a downward spiral.”

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How to implement the theme of kindness?

For the unversed, kindness is the theme this year and want to know how to implement it then read on. She said, “Kindness is the beautiful human transaction of care and clear regard. It brings warmth to each the person who’s showing kindness as neatly as receiving kindness. One can turn into a kinder person, by first starting with showing it to themselves- talk to themselves cherish how they would talk to a baby- encourage and appreciate themselves, be extra understanding of their flaws/ mistakes, focusing on what they can learn from it rather than being critical and harsh about it.”

She added, “One can be kind to others by showing their care- be it in spending time with them, listening to them with openness, helping them in whatever way they can, appreciating the strengths in others, treating them with appreciate. Nurturing kindness thus is cherish nurturing a plant. Appropriate such as you may possibly like to water the plant each day and monitor the soil regularly- work on doing one kind act each day, monitor your kind vice to your self regularly.  And slowly, kindness will bloom out cherish a flower filling all and sundry in its presence with happiness.”

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